Nate is a lifelong outdoorsman, avid hunter, fisherman and Marine Veteran. He began calling predators five years ago in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and he brought that passion back to his native Montana in 2008.  Nate now lives in north-central Montana with his wife and two sons where he spends much of his winter calling sub zero song dogs on the northern plains. Nate is the newest member of the WPC Field Team and we are happy to have him testing our calls. 
Cort grew up fishing and hunting in Southern Idaho with his dad. His favorite hunting memories are with him. Several years ago Cort was introduced to coyote hunting by his wife's co-worker. He was amused at the thought of predator hunting and thought  "I don’t remember ever seeing a coyote, but I’ve seen a few red fox…"  Cort was interested to see what predator hunting was all about and borrowed a couple hunting videos.  For Christmas that year his wife got him a closed-reed hand call and the next morning he was up before light and setup overlooking a frozen reservoir.  He made a few humble attempts at reproducing the calls on the video and soon had a pair of red fox racing across the ice to him.  He panicked and blew the stand, but was hooked!  Cort has  been calling for several years now and still feels the rush when he spots a pair of ears bouncing through the sage brush towards him. Cort is glad to be a part of the WPC Field Team and has called in fox, bobcats, and coyotes with his Workman Predator Calls.
Clay brings a great deal of experience calling coyotes to the WPC team. He has been calling predators for several years and hunts long established, private calling grounds each season. Whether competition calling or just getting out for a day with a buddy, Clay puts up solid numbers year in and year out. We are glad to have Clay on our team and look forward to more seasons of calling success together.